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Wood drying equipment and technology which is more important?

Wood drying equipment is now most commonly used in wood drying, is the most effective one, so now there is a question, that is, timber wood drying technology and drying equipment, some of which is more important?
wood drying equipment and technology:
good performance is the Foundation of wood dry drying equipment, is a prerequisite for implementation of the drying process. Technology is the key to drying. Wood drying process tends to last for a few days or even dozens of days, when heated, wet are very particular about the cut.
the right technology can guarantee quality of wood under the premise of minimal energy consumption at top speed to dry, and improper drying process would cause a lot of wood defects, reduce uneven levels of water content, or even scrapped. Equipment and technology, like computer hardware and software, are inseparable.
wood is dry, as dry as possible, please:
wood in certain circumstances, after a sufficiently long time, its water content tends to an equilibrium value, referred to as the environment's equilibrium moisture (EMC). When wood moisture content is higher than the balance of the environment when the moisture content wood moisture shrinkage, whereas Hygroscopicity and expansion, so the wood to fit, is not doing better.

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