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Potato machine drying characteristics of potato dry programme

&Nbsp;  potato dryers wide application range, lot of vegetables are used. Its main features are not affected by climate: can be widely used in the food, agricultural and sideline products processing industry, heating and drying production line.
potato drying equipment has the following features:
, drying temperature balance: drying shelves above and below water temperature consistent, consistent temperature within the room or box and dried potatoes; 1 tons of potatoes dry running cost of 10-15 Yuan/day. Potatoes and dry.
Second, the temperature control: use of automated instrument control drying temperatures.
c, humidity control: use of automated instrument control dry humidity.
four, digital temperature and humidity display: use of automated instruments digital temperature and humidity.
v, temperature, humidity, or any setting: drying temperature and humidity can be set according to user requirements.
six, freezing in the winter: during the winter when the temperature is low, start the antifreeze function, the use of automatic instrument control system does not freeze, no drainage system.
seven, potatoes, dry link: use solar energy to dry the potatoes, saving coal, protection of the environment.
used dryer drying potatoes potatoes can be like rice, wheat, corn and packaging stores sell to supermarkets across the country. Potatoes dry save time long, and solar dry equipment, dry 1 tons potatoes run costs 10-15 Yuan/day
a, and raw materials select: should selected content high, and fresh, and no pest, and organization dense, and flavor good, and orange red of in the long root carrot; tubers big, and no disease injury, and epidermal thin, and Bud clothing shallow and less, and dry material content high, and flavor good of potatoes alternate.
II, raw material treatment: remove inedible parts washed, using mechanical, thermal, or chemical peel, cut into 0.2~0.3 cm thick sheet or wire. To prevent oxidation color taste, after cutting raw material should be placed in boiling water blanching (potato 3-5 minutes, carrot 1-2 minute), translucent material so far, can't cook. Or cut the potatoes in half into two pieces of dry storage.
c, dry: solar drying, simple and low cost. Not affected by climate.
four, artificial drying: drying conditions can be controlled, and dries quickly, high efficiency, good quality. But need some equipment, and high cost. Practice: handling of raw materials laid on a baking tray, dryer heating using solar energy to 65~75℃ 6-8 hours. Dried water content is about 5~8%.
v, packaging and storage: dry stack or immediately after in a large wooden box covered in, uniform moisture content of dry products, 1-3 days to "wet". And then mount the container pressure sealing, or put inside a plastic bag closed, can enter the supermarket.
storage environment temperature does not exceed 14 ℃, relative humidity and 65% respectively. Warehouses should be clean, well ventilated, closed shade and prevent moth pest. VI method: dry potatoes must be rehydrated before eating. First 10~15 times dried vegetables dipped in warm water for half an hour, then quickly boil for 10 minutes, drain the water, normal cooking can be.
-step drying drying machine for production of dehydrated vegetables in traditional NET belt dryer based on the research and development of special-purpose equipment, with strong pertinence, practicality, high energy efficiency, widely applicable to all types of local and seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruit dehydration. Production of dehydrated vegetables drying equipment, multi-layer dehydrated vegetables dryer is drying in the effect of gravity, falling from the upper belt slowly to the lower net realized when material and turn over, full of hot air and material contact drying, evaporation of water so as to improve the quality of dry, ensuring uniformity of drying. Both ends of the inlet and outlet side of the device, feeding by automatic feeding machine, variable frequency control can be adjusted according to the nature of the material. The discharge end is the use of automatic discharge, the operation is very convenient, the equipment and low production cost, high corporate profits. Is a dehydrated vegetables, herbs herbs, fruit processing equipment industry's most advanced ideal drying.


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