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Mushroom dryer drying of food innovation and processing methods

&Nbsp;  mushroom dry using mushroom dry machine more meet dry requirements
mushroom dry machine (high temperature air can hot pump dry room) system applies range wide (hot pump unit in bad workers condition conditions Xia work, snapped outside temperature range:-20-40 degrees) not by climate effect: widely applies Yu Chinese herbal medicines as rose spent, and yellow dish, and honeysuckle, and fig, and walnut, and pepper, and Lily, and Ophiopogon japonicus, and tianma, and chrysanthemum, and medlar, and edible yin, and Dictyophora, and truffles, and fritillary, and jade bamboo littoralis, and Ginseng and other herbs; processing agricultural and sideline products such as food, fish, seafood sausage, bacon, cured fish, dried bean, mushroom, mushrooms, tobacco chemicals, fertilizers, mosquito-repellent incense, medicine, paper, leather, wood industry, drying drying operation. Heat pump drying room in parallel, based on dry weight parallel to expand 50--100--500--5000 cube drying room.
mushroom drying machine has the following features:
mushroom dryers, drying equipment belonging to an edible fungus. The machine by drying room and heat exchanger constitute its subject, heat exchanger by electric tube and for hot tablets composition, will drying room placed its Shang, drying indoor of rectangular cavity body has several layer material disc frame, sides with side into wind Board, each two layer material disc frame side of side into wind Board open has into wind hole and with adjustable wind Board, drying room top Department has axis flow centrifugal combination fan. The machine is compact, easy to operate, high rate of heat transfer, temperature uniformity and stability characteristics, material drying quality.
1, easy to install: installation, removal, and covers an area of small, can be installed in the indoor and outdoor;
2, energy-efficient: only consumes a small amount of power, you can absorb a lot of heat in the solar; compared with coal, oil, and gas water heaters can save running costs of around 75%. 1 kWh of electricity up to 4 degrees.
3, environmental protection, pollution-free: no products of combustion and emissions, is a sustainable and environment-friendly products.
4, safe and reliable operation: operation of the system as a whole is no traditional dryer (fuel, gas or electric heating) in the possible existence of inflammable, explosive, toxic, danger of short circuit, is an absolutely safe and reliable drying system of half-closed.
5, long life, low maintenance costs: in traditional technologies based on development of air conditioning, energy saving and environmental protection performance is stable and reliable, long life; safe and reliable operation, manual operation automatic and intelligent control.
6, comfortable and convenient, high degree of automation, intelligent: the control thermostat and energy storage system, 24 hours of continuous operation.
is an innovative technology, perfect combination of hot-air drying drying and air drying energy-efficient drying costs less! Very suitable for dry food. A mushroom drying machine, is by heat exchanger and placed its Shang of drying room composition, its features is: a, drying room of rectangular cavity body level set several a Sheng material disc frame, sides with side into wind Board, each two layer Sheng material disc lower sides open has hot air hole, and with adjustable wind Board, drying room of top Department with axis flow centrifugal combined fan; b heat exchanger by several layer staggered arranged of electric tube and for hot tablets composition, its each layer electric pipe for 2~4 group, for hot tablets for 6~11 tablets, was fixed in floor Shang.
processing of edible fungi, naturally dried and machine dried in two ways.
1, natural drying, is the use of sunlight to heat, dry in a natural wind-aided method for fungus, Tremella, agaric, mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum and other species, this method is simple, old and small investment. Processing will be tiled on the bamboo curtain of the bacteria, do not squeeze, winter needs to pitch. When Ted, lighter anti-breakage, generally 2-3 day to dry. This method is suitable for small scale processing. Some processing plants in order to save costs, after exposure to half, machine baking, but this need according to weather conditions, thallus water content, such as flexibility, to prevent mushroom body deformation, discoloration or decay.
2, mechanical drying, is oven, bamboo-frame dryer, drying room, or heat sources such as hot air, electric and infra-red carbon baking, make the germ of dewatering and drying methods. Currently used is straight heat drying, tempering temperature-oven and hot air drying machine, steam drying machines, infrared drying machines.


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