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Main components of freeze dryer details

freeze drying machine using refrigeration compressor is mostly used in high-temperature hermetic reciprocating compressors, it features: compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, small vibration, high energy efficiency ratio. Due to the hermetically sealed compressor motor and compressor, enclosed within a steel casing, motor refrigerant in the gaseous environment running, cooling is better, live longer. Specified quantities of lubricating oil in the lower part of the shell, while working in a compressor, for the Ministry of oil, usually do not need to add oil. In a large cold and dry, also use reciprocating or semi-hermetic screw compressors, which is characterized by its cooling power, load can be adjusted to suit different needs.
II, and hot Exchange, and evaporator
hot Exchange in cold dry machine in of main role is using was evaporator cooling Hou of compression air by carry of cold volume (on most user, this part cold volume is waste cold) and this part cold volume to cooling carry large steam of high temperature of compression air, to reduce has cold dry mechanism cold system of hot load, reached save energy of purpose. The other hand, the compressed air at low temperature in the heat exchanger temperature rise, prevents the exhaust pipe in the outer wall from condensation due to temperature is too low.
is the main heat cold and dry parts of the evaporator, compressed in the evaporator the air is cooled, mostly water vapor cools and condenses into liquid water from the outside, so that the compressed air drying. In the evaporator is in the air with convective heat and mass transfer between refrigerant low pressure steam, air filters by throttling low pressure refrigerant liquids, phase change occurs in the evaporator becomes low pressure refrigerant vapor, absorb heat around phase transition, so that the compressed air cooling.
in order to obtain a higher heat transfer effects, you must increase the heat transfer area of heat transfer coefficient and heat exchanger, so cold and dry the evaporator and the outer wall of the heat exchanger copper tube aluminum fin-measures have been adopted. And after the hot copper tube over the finned air copper pipe can be reduced impact and avoid copper pipe.
c, condenser, condenser II (pre-cooling heat exchanger)
in condensers in cold and dry is the refrigerant compressor from the high-pressure, superheated refrigerant vapor cooling liquid refrigerant and cooling process is continuous. Because condensate is discharged through heat including refrigerant from the evaporator to absorb heat and compression work converted heat. Condenser evaporator load much larger, cold and dry air cooled condenser in (air-cooled condenser) and water cooling system (water cooled condenser) in two ways.
two times condensation device (pre cold back hot device) in machine Taiwan and hot exchange function same, both difference is hot Exchange device main is high temperature and low temperature of compression air of for hot, and two times condensation main using low temperature of compression air and frozen system of high pressure part for cooling, makes cold media reached full of cooling, to improve machine Taiwan of refrigeration efficiency, while avoid machine Taiwan condensation device thermal bad by brings of high pressure jumped machine or machine Taiwan fault.
IV, Cyclone separator (gas-water separator)
cyclone is also an inertial separator, used more often in gas-solid separation. Compressed air in a cylinder tangent direction after entering the separator, in rotation, mixed water droplets in a gas with rotary and centrifugal force, centrifugal force arising from the massive drop, moving under the action of centrifugal force drop to wall, hit the outer wall (bezel) gathering after growing up and separated from the gas.
compressed air, hot gas bypass valve in the evaporator during cooling, there is a lot of condensation water precipitation. If the refrigerant evaporation temperature is too low and make the copper tube surface temperature under load conditions less than the freezing point of water, the condensation water is freezing in the evaporator, when blocking airflow, will paralyze the supply pipes. In order to prevent the emergence of such a situation, the refrigerant evaporation temperature must be controlled. Its simple and effective measure is the condenser and the addition of a hot gas bypass valve between the evaporator, piezometer connected directly with the evaporating pressure of the hot gas bypass valve. When evaporating pressure falls below a certain level, hot gas bypass valve is opened automatically, the condenser high temperature refrigerant vapor in directly into the evaporator, enhance the evaporation temperature, avoiding ice plug phenomenon.
six, thermostatic expansion valve or capillary tube (throttle valve)
expansion valve (capillaries) is the refrigeration system of the throttle body. In cold and dry in the evaporator of refrigerant supply and regulation is realized through the throttle body. Throttle body cooling from high temperatures and high pressure liquid enters the evaporator. When the load changes, by detecting the compressor suction superheat temperature of thermostatic expansion valve to adjust the valve to open degree, and control into the evaporator refrigerant supply. Capillary with compensation feature that when evaporating pressure decreases, the pressure rises on both ends, so as to increase the amount of the refrigerant into the evaporator. Capillaries because of their simple structure, stable work, and in the universal application of the small cold and dry.
seven, and automatically drainage valve
in frozen type dry machine in the, condensation of condensation water should timely emissions out equipment outside, avoid for condensation water emissions not timely caused air containing water rose, to convenient condensation water of emissions, in equipment Shang equipment has automatically drainage valve Dang drainage valve storage water Cup within level not reached must height Shi, compression air of pressure will floating ball pressure Xia close drainage hole, on not caused air leak: with storage water Cup within level increased (at cold dry machine within does not water), Float up to a certain height, it opens the drain holes, inside the condensed water soon under the pressure from the outside. Usually float automatic drain outside, often using electronic automatic drainage, the drainage and drain intervals can be adjusted twice, and resistant to high pressure applications are also common.
running cooling, dry filter device, due to the refrigerant and refrigerant oil water, solid powder, dirt, and other impurities, in serious cases, have a dirty block structure of the choke throttle. Refrigerant supply tubes must be installed before filter drier. In addition, the refrigerant most of trace moisture in the refrigeration system. Refrigerants, refrigeration oil and evaporators, condensers and piping of the drying process is extremely important.


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