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Low running cost and drying characteristics of fish drying machine description

  Fish dryer running costs low, low investment, and fish dryer high efficiency, energy saving, good drying effect and automatic control of conditioning. Extensive range of fish products: various seafood such as: fish, mackerel, shark's fin, sea cucumber, squid, Willow Palladium fish, dried cod, shrimp, and does shellfish. Dried meat: such as: Spain, wind meat
the device can be widely used in water and drying of various agricultural products such as sea cucumbers, shark's fin, mackerel, squid, sardines, willow, clove fish, shrimp and shellfish dried.
"fish drying" basic instructions
saving energy is the heat pump dryer fish original starting point, is a major advantage. Only 3%~5% traditional dryer efficiency, efficiency of heat pump drying of fish will be markedly improved, fish than the traditional heat pump dryer 50% energy. Traditional dryer and high operating costs, the main performance is:
(1) and low operation cost. Fish of high temperature heat pump dryer running costs with coal-fired costs than fuel (gas) costs about 40% than pure electrical equipment for energy saving 50%.
(2) lap of heat pump drying products are of good quality
heat pump dryer is a gentle way of drying, close to natural drying. Water evaporation rates of surface and internal moisture to migrate closer to the surface, dry goods of good quality, good color, high grade.
(3) dry parameter easily control and can adjustable range wide
hot pump dry process in the, cycle air of temperature, and humidity and the cycle flow can get precise, and effective of control, and temperature regulation range for 20~90℃, relative humidity regulation range for 8%~80%, for Yu hot sensitive sex real...
fish dry machine superior performance, and latest energy-saving products control thermostat adjustable wet, main features has:
1, and installation convenient: installation, and demolition convenient, accounted for to area less, Can be installed in the indoor and outdoor;
2, energy-efficient: only consumes a small amount of power, you can absorb a lot of heat in the solar, power consumption is only for electric heater 1/20-1/30; compared with coal, oil, gas dryer can save operating costs of around 75-98%. 1 kWh of electricity up to 4 degrees.
3, environmental protection, pollution-free: no products of combustion and emissions, is a sustainable and environment-friendly products.
4, safe and reliable operation: operation of the system as a whole is no traditional dryer (fuel, gas or electric heating) in the possible existence of inflammable, explosive, toxic, danger of short circuit, is an absolutely safe and reliable drying system of half-closed.
5, long life, low maintenance costs: in traditional technologies based on development of air conditioning, energy saving and environmental protection performance is stable and reliable, long life; safe and reliable operation, manual operation automatic and intelligent control.
6, comfortable and convenient, high degree of automation, intelligent: the control thermostat, 24 hours of continuous operation. Efficient fish drying techniques of
solar heat pump drying is to use hot air to 30 degrees on the right and will dry the air forced circulation between foods such as fish and shrimp, bring the moisture content decreases to the dry process.
low temperature air forced circulation in the absorbing surface moisture of foods such as fish and shrimp. Saturated air passes through the evaporator, it is cooled and precipitation water.
dry machine features:
1, and used hot pump dehumidification closed type cycle dry way, save run costs; no exhaust waste heat emissions, no noise pollution, environmental;
2, and used I company patent technology solar hot pump dehumidification way, widened has dehumidification machine in industrial dry field of application, dry performance than General hot pump dehumidification dry energy-saving 30% above, greatly save run costs;
3, and in the low temperature dry way (15-50 ℃/60 ℃/80 ℃), Close to natural drying, dry goods of good quality, good color, high grade, no pollution, energy conservation, and environmental hygiene requirements.
4, drying of material deformation, cracking, do not change color, spoiled, no oxidation, drying thoroughly, drying after water and nutrient loss, shelf life longer than any conventional drying equipment more effective protection of the dried color, aroma, taste and individual form and active ingredients.
5, and used closed cycle dry way applies inert environment dry (nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, and argon gas, and helium), applies Yu flammable easy burst material, and harmful toxic material, and has irritation smell material, and easy oxide material, and needed recycling aroma, easy volatile components of material;
6, and PLC+ touch screen automatic control way, performance stable, operation convenient; used can programming control way, can set different dry curve, meet different type material dry way;
7, and Dry late (slow dry) can be used with traditional steam, electric heating, infrared, microwave use, shorten drying period and late save operating costs;
8, set multiple security features: phase sequence protection, phase failure protection, overload protection, high voltage protection, low-voltage protection, and so on.
9, design, elegant, small unit covers an area!


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