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Freeze dryer working principle and advantage of computer screen

, Freeze dryer working principle
1 first, compressed air into the cooler for a preliminary cooling, introducing gas to gas heat exchanger (recuperator), and further by the cooling of air cooled and condensed water from the outside. then flows into gas-refrigerant heat exchanger (evaporator), further cooling the oil cooling system.
2, compressed air after the pre cooler, regenerator and evaporator gradually cools, water vapor condenses into liquid water droplets in the air by gas-liquid separator, separation of liquid water.
3, after gas-liquid separator of dry cooling air through the air to air heat exchanger (recuperator), another process, leaving the drying machine is heating up.
Second, the advantages of computer screens:
1 and the lack of protection: when any one phase or two phases of the three-phase power supply disconnected, the control circuit automatically cut off the power supply.
2, reverse phase protection: when three-phase power supply phase sequence is incorrect, (leading to running in the opposite direction) may not start.
3, high voltage protection: when the cooling fan is bad, heat < condenser > hid when blocking, environment temperature is too high, water or if the cooling water system, automatic control circuit.
4 and low voltage protection: when refrigerant leaks, blockage of the machine, the system expansion valve (capillary) and hid when plugging of the filter, the control circuit automatically cut off the power supply.
5, overload protection: when the machine is in an overloaded state, when the compressor or bad cooling fan control circuit automatically cut off the power supply.
6, water free choice: when running on the different operating conditions, according to gas consumption size, select a different interval, drainage, reduce gas consumption.


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