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Freeze dryer needs attention

Freeze dryer need to note when using
VFD-2000 freeze drying machine by the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical control system components. Main parts are dry boxes, condenser, refrigeration units, pumps, heating/cooling, and so on.
frozen dry machine note matters:
1 preparation samples should as expanded its surface area, which shall not contains acid alkali material and volatile sex organic solvent;
2 samples must completely frozen formed ice, as has residues liquid will caused gasification jet;
3 Note cold trap about for lingxia65du, can do low temperature refrigerator using, but must wearing insulation gloves operation prevent frostbite;
4 started vacuum pump yiqian, check water valve whether twist tight, inflatable valve whether close, Plexiglas cover and the rubber ring of the contact surfaces are clean and dirt-free, good seal
5 under normal circumstances, the machine must not be used continuously for more than 48 hours;
6 during the freezing process, the temperature decreases, samples can be removed after a period of warming (still frozen), continued to dry, to shorten the drying time.
a, and boot Qian prepared:
1 open chassis left of total power switch, pressure number explicit for atmospheric pressure 110pk;
2 press Control Panel Shang of total open key three seconds above, temperature number explicit for cold trap of actual temperature;
3 started refrigerator, pre cold 30 minutes above;
4 will samples into samples frame, cover Shang plexiglass cover, and started vacuum pump;
5 stay pressure number explicit stable Hou, records temperature and pressure numerical.
II, and downtime program:
1 records downtime Qian of temperature and pressure numerical;
2 press Control Panel of inflatable valve, and immediately close vacuum pump;
3 pressure number explicit for atmospheric pressure Shi, open plexiglass cover, out samples;
4 close refrigerator, press total open key three seconds above, last close total power switch;
5, cold trap in the of ice completely of into water Hou, open chassis left of water valve water, and dry cloth clean cold trap within wall, Stamped with a large sheet of filter paper dust.
frozen dry machine of features:
1, and LCD displayed, and Chinese interface, with samples dry curve;
2, and imports compressor, another has heat exchanger Hou, increases has refrigeration volume, improve has catching water capacity;
3, and cold trap opening big, no within disc tube, with samples pre frozen function;
4, and pre cold frame, can for diversion barrels, speed up dry speed;
5, and cold traps and operation surface for full stainless steel, resistance corrosion easy smooth, transparent Bell cover.


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