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Freeze dryer fluoride leakage check method

&Nbsp;  freeze dryer leaking fluorine is the most intuitive table facies pressure gauge to zero. Leak fluoride first to found leak points, check leak points specific operation following:
1, and first with Visual method, open frozen type dry machine machine box Board observation machine internal, due to refrigeration agent in run Shi, will has compressor lubricants mixed in inside, if freon has leaked on will put lubricants with out, so carefully observation machine internal, if has tablets-like of oil with, that on is may is leak points where.
2 capillary copper tube, and then check the inside of the machine, that is, those below 6 mm copper tube and pipe, there is no break. After the adoption of these basic checks, where there is doubt mark.
3, then you need to confirm via filling pressure of inert gas to leak. Conditions best pressure with nitrogen, available adsorption dryer without nitrogen gas freon, no oxygen pressure leak.


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