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Four types of v-belt type drying machine

1, single-stage belt dryer  
    material to be dried by the feed end of the charging device is evenly distributed on the lost. Conveyor belts are usually made of perforated stainless steel sheet, gearbox driven by the motor can be speed. Dry inside the often divided into several units to allow independent control of operating parameters, optimization. Drying sections there is a separation between sections, no drying cycle.
2, and multilevel with type dry machine
   multilevel with dry essentially is by number Taiwan single level with dry machine series composition, its operation principle and single level with dry machine same
3, and multilayer with type dry machine
   multilayer with dry machine often for dry speed requirements lower, and dry time more long, in whole dry process in the process operation conditions can keep constant of occasions. Drying equipment sets the partition to organize the directional flow of the dried medium, dryer makes drying evenly. Multilayer with dry land, simple structure, is widely used for drying grain material. But since the operation is repeated loading and unloading, and therefore does not apply to dry and sticky conveyors and fragmentation is not allowed for the item.
4, impact-type belt dryer
   shock belt machine is suitable for drying textiles, tobacco, coating the surface of the substrate and other sheet materials. Impact machine is usually made up of two conveyor belts. Impact machine can be divided into independent control unit. Drying after humidifying, partial discharge, the other part returns mixed with fresh cycle again after drying medium.


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