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Application research of wood drying equipment

Wood drying equipment is a kind of wet processing quality requirements into line with the carpentry workshop of wood drying equipment of dry wood. Wood processing enterprises in the production process of wood drying is the first operation, it directly affects the wood recovery and finally processed into wood products quality. When we study the design of wood drying equipment, at the same time improve the quality of wood drying, reducing energy consumption must be considered; improving drying speed, reduce operating costs and investment in equipment must be considered. Therefore, you must choose the right drying method and a reasonable amount of wood drying equipment, scientific drying operation. Many types of wood drying equipment, before designing the drying equipment, to learn more about wood drying process all information. Example: drying of wood moisture content moisture content at the beginning and the end, specifications and dimensions of wood drying, heat
and Thermo-physical properties of wood and wood processing production processes and the General layout of the factory.
in design dry equipment Shi, should according to wood of species, and material sex, wood of specifications and need dry processing of number to select right of dry way, and reasonable of cycle air and kiln body volume; through thermal calculation and gas power calculation, determine heating volume; selection steam thermal device or electric heater, determine cycle wind machine of air, and wind pressure and number, to completed wood dry equipment of design.


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