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White carbon black special belt drying characteristics and working principles

Silica materials brief:
white carbon black is white powder x-ray amorphous silica and silicate products collectively, mainly precipitated silica, pyrogenic silica, ultrafine silica gel and the gel, including powdered synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicates. Silica is a porous material, its composition can be represented in SiO2 • nH2O, nH2O is in the form of surface hydroxyl groups. Soluble in caustic hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acids (hydrofluoric acid). High temperature resistant, noncombustible, tasteless, odorless, has good electrical insulation. White carbon black special-purpose belt dry
1, fast-drying, playing after atomization, the liquid surface area increases, in the hot gas flow, and instantly evaporated moisture 95%-98%. Complete the drying time of 5-15 seconds, with moment drying feature. 2, a special device, reducing resistance, and effective delivery of the dryer air reset.
3, simplifying the production process, suitable for continuous control production, moisture content in 40-90% liquid and dried into a powder, reduce the crushing, screening processes to improve product purity.
4, items in a short period of time to complete the drying process, adapted to the heat-sensitivity material dryness, can keep the material color, aroma and taste.
5, very good dispersibility, fluidity and solubleness, product size, porosity, water can be adjusted within a certain range.
special white carbon black belt dryer works:
material from the feeder on evenly over the mesh-belt, mesh 12-60 mesh stainless steel screen is usually used, moved by the drive device drag inside the dryer. Dryer is composed of several modules, each module independent cycle of hot air, part of tail gas discharged by special wet exhaust fan, exhaust control valve control, hot air from bottom to top or from the top down through the net of covered items with complete heat and mass transfer process and take material moisture. Network with slow-moving, the speed can be freely adjusted according to temperature, drying the product of continuous falling into in your feeder. Cycle unit equipped with flexibly according to user needs, elements can also be selected according to need.



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