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Types and structures of large electroplating sludge dryer advantages

  Large electroplating sludge dryer types and structural advantages
sludge dryer types:
sludge dryer has the following two types: single-channel Rotary dryer and the hot-blast Rotary drying machine. Sludge drying equipment of sludge drying equipment most commonly used is a single-channel Rotary drying machine: suitable for sewage sludge drying. Single-channel Rotary dryer is in General Rotary dryer on the development of a new type of device. Internal installation depolymerization mechanism, movable grate-wing Board, clean the device and the broken device, dry common Rotary drying viscous material that cannot be handled. Sludge has certain characteristics such as viscosity, particle size small, single-channel dryers are the best choice. Use single-channel Rotary dryer, downstream processing, using a specially designed feeder, moment of sludge entering the dryer quickly with high temperature flue-gas heat exchange, formed a crust on the surface, which greatly reduce the accumulation of sludge adhesive tube and blocking. In a dry nose 1/4, except for installation outside the lifting plate, installed at the same time strengthening the depolymerization of the evaporation mechanism and link-type grate-wing plate which can not only conduct heat, but also prevents sticking of sludge blocking the cylinder and lifting plate, full use of the characteristics of the feed end fast drying rate, achieve layers of "strip tease" approach so that it can dry quickly. High stick degrees sludge dry of equipment high stick degrees sludge dry of equipment General used hot air spin tablets dry machine: according to sludge stick degrees different can used double axis spin tablets dry machine (vertical, and horizontal), and three axis spin tablets dry machine (horizontal), can will early containing water 85% following of high wet material once dry to end containing water 12% following, dry time short, General for 2-10 minutes. Because of intense high speed mixing blade mixing wet material wet material with hot air contact. Material in the first half in the water evaporates faster, machines in the hot air temperature fell sharply, so that, even when using high temperature hot air, the material temperature is not high. Typical applications such as electroplating sludge drying, paper mill sludge drying, oil sludge drying, chemical sludge drying, mud drying, dry fruit, dry, sugar residue from soybean residue drying, drying, rare earth and high humidity drying of peat, organic and inorganic compounds and chemical raw materials such as clay-like, granular powder, flakes and high moisture drying.
of electroplating sludge dryer is a device set internally hollow impellers, and paddle through heat-carrier, sludge full contact with the hot surfaces of the blades, a low speed stirring drying of sludge drying, structures are generally horizontal, dual or four axes.
of electroplating sludge dryer advantages: small amount of exhaust, high heat transfer coefficient, excellent thermal efficiency (sometimes reaching 80%-90%), covers an area of small, simple accessories, low investment, low operating cost, it helps to save energy and prevent pollution. Suitable for sludge drying.



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