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Msg special belt drying machine performance and adapt material

&Nbsp;     MSG dedicated with type dry machine, the machine is wear flow continuous type dry equipment, for breathable sex better of tablets-like, and article-like, and particles-like material of dry, for dehydration vegetables, and medicine pieces, class containing water rate high, and and temperature not allows high of material is right; the series dry machine has dry speed fast, and evaporation strength high, and products quality good of advantages, on dehydration filter cake-like of cream-like material, needed by made grain or made Rod-like Hou also dry.
you can adjust the amount of air, temperature, residence time and feeding speed for best drying results.
device configuration, you can use the mesh belt cooling system flushing system and materials.
most of the air is recycled, high energy savings.
a unique air distribution device, so that hot air distribution is more uniform, to ensure product quality and consistency.
heat source can be steam, thermal oil, electricity or coal-fired (oil) supporting hot-blast stove.
item description:
MSG, also known as MSG, is a kind of sauce, main component of MSG. To note is if you use MSG in the high temperatures of over 100 degrees, proved by scientists, MSG half an hour at 100 ° c when heating, only 0.3% of monosodium glutamate sodium pyroglutamate, had little effect on the human body. Reported in the literature, sodium pyroglutamate is harmless to human body. And if in alkaline environments, MSG will react to produce a substance called sodium glutamate. Must be properly used and stored. Glutamate is an amino acid, sodium salt. Is an odorless colorless crystals at 232 ° c melting the dissolution. Monosodium glutamate water-soluble is good, solubility of 74 grams sodium glutamate.
MSG special belt drying machine works:
material from the feeder on evenly over the mesh-belt, mesh 12-60 mesh stainless steel screen is usually used, moved by the drive device drag inside the dryer. Dryer is composed of several modules, each module independent cycle of hot air, part of tail gas discharged by special wet exhaust fan, exhaust control valve control, hot air from bottom to top or from the top down through the net of covered items with complete heat and mass transfer process and take material moisture. Network with slow-moving, the speed can be freely adjusted according to temperature, drying the product of continuous falling into in your feeder. Cycle unit equipped with flexibly according to user needs, elements can also be selected according to need.
this machine also adapted material:
dehydrated vegetables, Pellet, monosodium glutamate, coconut, organic pigment, synthetic rubber, acrylic fiber, drugs, medicinal herbs, wood products, plastics, electronic devices, such as aging, curing.

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