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Introduction and application of spray drying technology market

&Nbsp;  in spray drying is in the hot air, the liquid or extract dry atomized into micro-droplets for an instant. The equipment available to the different types of power nozzle can be divided into centrifugal spraying drying Tower and pressure spray drying Tower. Factors affecting the spray drying the relative density of the paste, spray-drying the air inlet temperature and the speed of the unit (inlet pressure). Spray drying the drying technology is currently more advanced in the field, overcame the disadvantages of ovens and vacuum drying without crushing, directly extract powder. So is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, health and other areas, is used by many pharmaceutical companies.
spray drying absorption processes due to size of the spray-drying process, is now being widely used in most of the liquid feed, solid powder material in modern process industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. Rotating spray dry desulfurization technology of desulfurization with limestone-gypsum wet method process, which covers an area of, investment and operating costs are much lower than in limestone-gypsum wet method process.
Rotary spray dry desulfurization technology in power plant desulphurization and market in China, should become more cost-competitive options.
processing system description: spray drying absorption processes (SOA) principle spray drying absorption flue gas desulfurization technology of the basic components of the system are: preparation of absorber slurry systems, spray drying absorption towers, such as bag filters or electrostatic precipitators. Untreated hot flue gas by gas distributor into the spray dry absorption tower and lime slurry/absorbent of small droplets (average drops about 50 microns in diameter) contact. In flue gas acid component was quickly neutralized small alkaline drops, and where the water is evaporated. Reasonable control of flue gas flow and droplet size distribution, size, to ensure that the drops in spray drying absorption tower wall is dry before contact.
Rotary/> Rotary spray drying spray drying (SDA law) is a principle of spray drying (widely used in the drying of materials technology) of flue gas desulphurization technology. Research and development of this method in the early 70, 80 first industrial operation successful. The technology in the United States and the commercialization of coal-fired power station in Europe, total installed capacity of 10% is still in development. This method is only for burning, low-sulfur coal on the medium and small capacity units, improvements have been able to burn high-sulfur coal flue gas desulfurization of large-capacity unit.
spray drying technology has been widely used in medicine, food, and industrial, and so on! Has a very large space for development in these areas!



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