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How to improve the production efficiency of the dryer

experts pointed out that, in recent years, due to good market driven dryer stability of market potential is good. Especially with high technical content, faster product innovations of the manufacturers ' favor. With the pharmaceutical industry of drying equipment industry in the areas of high quality, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly requirements, adjustment of product structure, applied research and development, as a solid foundation, focusing on development of new technology and new applications, area development the main objective of drying equipment.

dryer is in use when you can improve productivity, for resources is not only a saving, more important is to reduce the cost of production, which makes products more competitive in the market. How to improve the production efficiency of the dryer is a thought-provoking question.

from the dryer on the structure, the dust if proper drying system, let the dryer work more smoothly, will not only improve productivity, it also ensures that the production process of environmental protection. So we can build on the drying machine present situation research on a new type of bag-type dust collecting equipment, application of this new type of assistive devices in the dryer efficiency.

traditional dryer features a single, comprehensive utilization of energy efficiency is not high. But with the expansion of industrial production, in particular the pharmaceutical industry production standards rose, increasing demand for the integrated functions of drying system. Run more and more attention and humanized operation on environmental protection. Design and performance is a core part of drying equipment. And impact-oriented product in the product design process parameters control the variables through vibration fluidized bed technology to further optimize the heat transfer to improve drying efficiency of drying equipment.

dry bag-type dust collector series is divided into 4~16 bag, which consists of ash, dust concentration in the gas space, guide plates, non-filter, cleaning air Chamber and installed in the upper part of the filter, valve cleaning and upgrading switching valve control of institutions and so on. Interior is divided into a small bag and flower holes between the plate and the cover plate at the top for the filtering region; hopper between the upper and flower plate for dust concentration in the gas space; the top for cleaning air space in the middle of the cover plate (that is, "cleaning and cleaning air sharing channels").

dust collector after running for some time, attached to the inner surface of the filter bag dust layer thickens when the dust collector running resistance up to a certain value, you need to filter bag cleaning. Mainly through the anti-hair dryer, enhanced switching valve, globe valve, and "cleaning and cleaning air sharing channels" institutions such as reverse blow deashing process.

dry machine bags type dust collector normal filter work State, containing dust gas in introduction wind machine of role Xia warm people into wind duct, through diversion Board of role distribution to each small bags room, uniform through Xia spent hole Board, containing dust gas influx filter bags, dust was stranded in filter bags within surface, and air is through filter bags get purification, purification Hou of air through introduction wind machine row people atmosphere in the.

upgrade switch valve downward, valve plate to open the air outlet is closed against blowing and globe valve, anti-hair dryer drum into the air are the inverse flow of filtered air flow in the opposite direction, changing the pressure inside and outside of the filter bag, filter bag from "bloat" changed out "flat" State, strip attached to the inner surface of the filter bag dust layer.

comparison of energy consumption in the production process of drying is part, so energy-efficient drying equipment has been favored. In addition to increasing the application of energy-saving technology, improve the efficiency of equipment, is also an important way to shorten drying time. Therefore the domestic drying equipment manufacturing enterprises to speed up technological innovation, increase the drying efficiency of products and better service to improve production efficiency will be the key to dominate the market.



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