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Double Cone rotating vacuum dryer performance and an important part of

Double Cone rotary vacuum dry machine for many user for does not strange, current with increasingly more of consumers on its demand constantly increased, different products, and brand and features of vacuum dry machine for as consumers of we provides has rich of select, but is not all of dry machine are can from general user of needs angle starting, for meet different user of requirements and provides has guarantees of products and service. Double Cone rotating vacuum drier has been able to obtain the user's recognition and choice, and win a great development, with its superior performance, high performance, and a wide range of applications are inseparable.
vacuum dry way for its internal pressure very low, dry process main relies on conduction way heat transfer, if material always in still State, hot Exchange speed will greatly reduced, to solution this a defects, I company design has ZL vertical vacuum vibration dry machine, equipment by heating system, and with clip sets tank body, and vibration motor, and mixing system, and vacuum system, and condensation system, and out material device and the control system, part composition.
Double Cone rotating vacuum dryer is a drying and mixing of new dryer. The condenser, vacuum pump and dryer, composed of vacuum drying facility. (If you do not need back to the host agent, the condenser can not) native design, the internal structure is simple, clean easy item to all discharges, and easy operation. Can reduce labor intensity to improve the working environment. Container itself is rotating at the same time material has also been turning and no buildup on the walls, so the heat transfer coefficient and drying rate, not only save energy and materials uniform drying full, good quality. Changzhou drying in the production of Double Cone rotating vacuum drier is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other industry materials dry.
tank is provided with a heating jacket, heat and hot water, thermal oil or low pressure steam, which can maintain a heating temperature of tank wall. When working in the presence of the vacuum pump, and maintain a certain vacuum in the machine. Shell materials in vibrating motor and streams of the agitator under the action of turning and full contact with the cone Interior, realize the heat transfer, so as to make the material moisture often evaporates moisture by a vacuum pump draws out, condenser collection. When drying is complete, open the discharge valve discharge.
vibration of Double Cone rotating vacuum drier parts of the Centre of gravity position is of very important significance. design should make part of the gravity and the weight of the upper end of the motor shaft is in the same horizontal plane. In order to do that, on the one hand reasonable choice of the size and weight of the various components, on the other hand the motor can move along the circular Jane location, so that the weight has a vertically adjustable range. In the fixed bearing side should have Windows so that you can adjust the counterweight under location and size of the disc. Windows should be equipped with a door that can be opened and closed. When you need to adjust the counterweight is said you can turn,
vibration parts of design (body) should not be too heavy. Because the site is too big not only waste materials, and increases power consumption. eccentric counterweight must be increased in order to achieve the desired amplitude. But relief sites while. Note that the body has a certain stiffness. When using multiple-screen classification should be made to risk reducing the vertical distance between two screens. Because the distance between screen surface and gravity for amplitude and quality of work has a certain impact. the distance of the current design of vibrating screen with 120mm. Based on the test results, this distance may also be reduced.
design should consider: adjusting weight on weight, do not remove the idler machines; weight point of view, to facilitate rapid. sieve and the connected devices should consider quickly demolished so that you can quickly replace the sieve. Vibration frequency can be adjusted, adjust the range in 800-3000r/MIM is appropriate.
as we all know, the current double-taper rotary vacuum dryer performance and quality has been continuously improved and perfected, in the planning and development process, with their own advantages and for a growing number of users with the security of facilities and services used for as us the trusted choice of the user. In addition, within a short time the facility was able to get a good prospect, with its wide range of applications are closely linked. Due to its in performance aspects by has of highlight advantage, Double Cone rotary vacuum dry machine not only suitable for medicine, and chemical and food, many industry of vacuum dry and mixed, while also in its application process in the effective play out has its advantage, not only meet has different user of needs, while also on the industry of development made has highlight of contribution, won has increasingly more user of concern and attention.



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