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Difference between plate drying and paddle drying

Plate drying difference
plate with paddle drying drying have been developed over decades. In recent years, many countries are widely used in chemical industry, dyestuff, pesticides, plastics, pharmaceutical and food areas such as in the use of continuous improvement. It compared with traditional dryers, with high thermal efficiency, energy consumption, uniform in drying, good product quality, and small, ancillary equipment, less pollution, less production, the advantages of convenient operation and wide range of application.
in drying technology because of its broad development prospects, causing more and more attention and research. Type and specifications of the device are serialized, industrialisation and large-scale, has developed into an industrial dryer. Size based on the drying requirements and product performance, throughput, plate drying machine main shaft stepless speed, manually adjust disk feeder adjust height, control the heating plate temperature distribution, cooling and a series of measures at the end played a plate dryer performance.
as early as 70 domestic paddle dryer the Unit developed, limited to technical conditions and the hot box design structure too complicated, so stop. Along with China's reform and opening up, continued introduction of foreign equipment, increasing of domestic information in this regard, domestic units to carry out the development, currently has a series of models. Paddle dryer is a kind of horizontal stirring dryer inhabited mainly by thermal conduction.
mixing blades shaped like paddles, also known as paddle dryer abroad trough dryer or stirring drying machine. Paddle dryers has been developing for many years, current models to Japan represented NARA machinery Mfg Co, has now developed a dual-axis and four-axis structure, multiple specifications of products.
paddle dryer is a two-axis (or four-axis) horizontal stirring drying equipment. First by the former Federal Germany developed after Japan introduced the technology, and improved biaxial and four-axis was developed two kinds of structure, more than 10 kinds of specifications of products. Needed to dry the device relies on heat conduction indirect heat, so drying is not required or just a small amount of gas to take away the moisture. This dramatically reduces the gas away this part of the heat loss, improving heat utilization, paddle dryer is a kind of energy-saving equipment. It is suitable for drying of granular and powdered materials, paste material can dry.


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