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Dehydrated vegetables dryer use and technical data sheet

DW mesh-belt drier, as a key step drying new products (2012 was named the national high-tech products), in the food, agricultural and subsidiary products, traditional Chinese medicine, aquatic products, native products, animal feed and chemical field is used. Especially in recent years, apply to dehydrated vegetables, chicken, Chinese medicine pieces, chips, dried coconut and other materials wide orders.

application of dewatering and drying equipment: can meet in root, stem and leaf class Strip, massive, flakes, particles and other vegetables materials dry and the mass continuous production and maximum retention of nutrients and color, and so on.

dry typical material includes: garlic piece, pumpkin, carrot, konjac, Chinese Yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onion, Apple and so on.

dehydrated vegetables dryer features: drying area, air pressure, air flow, temperature, bar of mesh belt speed can be adjusted to accommodate the vegetables characteristic and quality requirements. In accordance with the different characteristics of vegetable, using different technology of water flow and added supporting the necessary auxiliary equipment.

net belt dryer used in dehydrated vegetables dry, sheet, strip, block and granular to different design process. Equipment principal feeder, the dry bed, heat exchangers and wet exhaust fan and other major components. Dryer working, cold air through the heat exchanger for heating, the cycle of using scientific and rational way, so that hot air flows through the bed of heat and mass transfer of the material to be dried evenly, the organism under the influence of heat and air circulation fan hot air circulation, and finally discharge low temperature and high humidity of the air, smoothly and efficiently to complete the drying process.

step drying machine for dry dehydrated vegetable has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, through heating, tiered into the wind, variable-temperature drying, heat recovery, etc with the leading domestic level (see the test report issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision). Its multi-mobile special NET, hot gas flows from the bottom up through the belt and on the material level, uniform heat exchange, full, high production efficiency, product quality, low discharge temperature, benefit package in a timely manner.



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